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Workshops, seminars, and trainings are still commonly used as “motivation treats” for individual employees. But continued vocation and training can be a lot more than “just” a bonus for good work. The question of sustainability plays a vital role in this regard. Moreover, a workshop, a seminar or a special training is not just an educational leave for an employee, but serves a very important purpose for you: What does your employee gain from it, and even more importantly, what does your hotel gain?

Since it is usually only one or two employees who benefit from such trainings, the success of these “motivational measures” is questionable. Think outside the box and invest in a training program specially tailored to your needs.

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Schulungen, Seminare und Trainings werden immer noch gerne als "Motivations-Bonbon" für einzelne Mitarbeiter genutzt.
Doch die permanente Weiter- und Fortbildung kann so viel mehr leisten als "nur" ein Bonus für Wohlverhalten zu sein.
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